A tale of Rhode Island sea glass, lost wax casting and seaside photography.

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My passion for sea glass hunting drives me to spend countless hours on the beach. The beach combing naturally progressed into handcrafting stunning distinctive sea glass jewelry. I use only sea glass that is naturally tumbled in the ocean and all of our jewelry is made with sea glass that we collected ourselves on secret beaches on Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island U.S.A..

Sea glass is naturally formed from tumbling for many years against the waves and sand. The combination of the location, winds, tides, sand and gravel make the sea glass frost smooth and shapes it into the beautiful pieces of history. Some of these pieces are 50-100 years old and would have come from old bottles discarded in dumps or thrown from ships. No two pieces of sea glass are the same, which makes them truly unique in nature, each revealing a distinct color, texture and shape. Each of these colorful collectible sea shore, one of a kind gems are hand selected for our unique jewelry. I transform the pieces of sea glass into striking earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and accessories that are one of a kind heirlooms.

My sea glass jewelry showcases a variety of natural sea glass colors combined with unique charms, beads and natural elements. I like to work with bone, abalone, wood, glass, shells, seeds and paper. Our favorite metals are copper and sterling silver. Cabochons encapsulate the setting and allow us to share my photography work in special necklaces with secret hideaways.

This year, I started metalsmithing and initially thought she would be setting sea glass into rings and such but her work took a different turn than that. She has been working with OOAK burn out castings and all kinds of lost wax casting techniques. It's allowed us to do something very fun with the glass and shells that's even older than them. Lost wax casting is said to be about 5000 years old when our sea glass is 50-maybe 200 years old. This all melds together nicely.

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