Handmade Rhode Island Solid Sterling Silver Lost Wax Casting of a Sea Glass Bottle Neck Ring, Available between sizes 6 - 13, Made to Order


This solid 925 sterling silver casting is created from a bottle neck found on Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island, USA.

I have found a lot of bottle necks searching for sea glass but this one fits my ring finger perfectly and is very comfortable. I found myself wearing it to craft shows as a conversation starter. When I got into casting, I wore the bottle neck all of the time!

I figured it would be a great piece to cast because of it's comfort! If you like big rings, this ring is for you!

Pictured in two sizes, the non-antiqued is a 7 and the antiqued images are of a 10. This ring can be opened up to whatever you like. It's so thick it can be opened up quite large (I have sold one to a size13).

The ring is available either in high shine sterling silver, antiqued black with burnished highlights or antiqued entirely black with the silver coming through over time.

I keep solid wax copies on a sprue which means the ring has been put through part of the lost wax casting process. All I need is your size and I can tailor one of those molds to be your size and to fit. Once this is done, it's brought into the caster and they will make an exact copy of my wax dummy in the metal of your choice (in this listing sterling silver). Actually it's not a copy, the wax itself is melted away and the metal replaces it down to the last tiny detail. Your one of a kind lost wax cast ring is 3/4's done. It's then picked up and I will cut off the sprue, remove the casting skin, buff shape and polish it. Of course I make sure it's round, smooth and exactly your size and specifications and then it's mailed out.

This listing is for one solid 925 sterling silver lost wax cast ring. It's also available in brass, bronze, gold and platinum. It's available in your own silver too! There's a charge for using your own metal but it lowers the price of the piece. Please convo me if your interested in having this in another metal, I would be happy to ask the caster to put that in motion after an estimate.

Bronze and Brass
I should have some in bronze and brass in stock and ready to ship quickly. They are not showing up as a choice because they have never gone for a Brass or Bronze run, so I don't know what they will cost except much cheaper than the sterling silver. More to come very soon! If you would like one in that material, please convo me to see if I can get your ring moving quicker.

Then it will be tailored to your liking with the fit and finish, please expect to allow a month for this. Please let me know if you are in a rush in some way and we can see what can be done.

All jewelry comes in hand screen printed recycled paper gift boxes.

Please feel free to contact me with any custom requests, comments or questions, Thanks for looking!


We accept everything, We prefer Paypal and the Etsy payment system. If you would like to pay me in some other way, please convo me, thank you.

Shipping from United States

I am able to ship most items Monday through Friday and if things are busy, Saturday also. Please check your item for how long it's expected to take.

I usually ship USPS 1st Class within the United States and globally I use First Class International. Certain items ship priority or flat rate and for those, it will be indicated within the listing.

All of my packages have tracking and I am willing to add services as long as you pay for them. Convo me for anything you need.


Items can be returned if buyer is not happy for any reason within 7 days after receiving item. Buyer to pay return shipping.

In the case of breakage or a lost item, I would choose something as close to possible to what it is you lost or got broken and I will replace the missing item with something of similar to higher value.

Most times, I do need the broken earring to make it a match or the necklace to attach a new clasp. In this case, buyer pays all shipping and small fee for replacement of the parts not to exceed their value.

If something just up's and breaks immediately or due to no fault of your own, I am very happy to correct the situation and I will replace the missing item with something of similar to higher value. I would choose something as close to possible to what it is you lost or got broken. I would rather have my customers pay a couple of dollars to get a handmade pair of earring repaired by me than get upset. I always take care of my customers...


Trade friendly, local pickup if possible.

I am wholesale interested. Wholesale orders would have to be lost wax castings rather than OOAK sea glass creations. With that being said, I can give better pricing if you decide to buy something in a bulk or have me make something that turns out to be a large order.

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